Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ZoomerCompass...the answer to all your aging needs

ZoomerCompass will guide you through the aging experience.

Whether you are an adult child caring for your older adult parents; a developer for older adult facilities or a caregiver looking for support, ZoomerCompass will provide you with the directions you need but don't have time to find (especially if you are a sandwich generation member).

ZoomerCompass will direct you. ZoomerCompass will design your own aging map. Stick with ZoomerCompass and your stress levels, feelings of guilt and burden will reduce drastically so that you too, the caregiver, can enjoy a quality of life and a meaningful experience. So that you, the developer, can be confident that your environment is a stimulating one for your clients.

Let ZoomerCompass be your personal guide. We won't steer your wrong.

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