Thursday, September 12, 2013

ON AIR with Libby Znaimer talking about Millenials!

On August 18th I was called into Libby Znaimer's Zoomer Week In Review studio to talk about millenials...

Here's the blurb from Zoomer Week In Review:

Do you work with millennials? That’s the generation born after 1980. Considering they make up a quarter of Canada’s workforce, the answer is likely yes. And you might have noticed their attitude towards employment is very different from ours. From unrealistic career expectations to a constant need for approval, Millennials are changing the dynamics of many Canadian offices. Libby talks to Bruce Mayhew, a Zoomer who has developed a program to help us negotiate the demands of a multi-generational workforce… and Elise Kayfetz, a millennial who will explain the attitudes and opinions of her generation.
Plus, nutritionist and cookbook author Rose Reisman tells us all about the latest food craze – the gluten free diet. She’ll fill you in on how to figure out if it’s right for you! 

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